Spark_The_New_NormSpark by Greg Scott, February 7, 2013 – Had a excellent email exchange with some colleagues today. Since social media has empowered individuals there is a new norm for business management. What was concluded was that companies are now experiencing and threatened by outside-in revolutions and it has elevated the “new norm” for business management. From that conclusion, unless the leadership is fully aware (conscious) of all stakeholders they can be blindsided by a fast moving revolution. I had an email chat with my Libertarian Brother about the term Conscious Capitalism and he felt there was no need for the modifier, makes sense. The new norm, however; makes “consciousness” strategically relevant. Without deep stakeholder awareness, leadership is left with too little data to make good decisions and without employee alignment leadership will be unable to affect change quickly enough to the subtle shifts in their stakeholder’s values or actions. Capitalism will competitively elevate companies that can respond to the new norm and bring down those that cannot.