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“Our businesses are living beings. They are not soulless machines that are only concerned with maximizing production and shareholder value. Yet that is what they have become. They have honed their ability to produce but lost their ability to contribute.”

“…much of what happens in business cannot be explained by our existing models, which are based on the machine paradigm.”

“Like all forms of life, organizations create by taking in energy and transforming it into something else. In plants, it’s called photosynthesis. With corporations, it’s called production. Both allow the organism to serve something greater than itself.”

The time-tested economic system is no longer adequate to meet the challenges of a world of evolving complexity….The Living Organization deepens our understanding of how any living organization creates the results it desires. Norman Wolfe draws on decades of experience both leading and consulting with organizations, large and small, to unravel the mystery of creating results. Based on scientific, philosophical and spiritual truths, The Living Organization® model explores how three distinct yet highly interdependent fields of energy influence and determine what results will and will not be created.

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