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The Landowners

Source: Midjourney

While investors have already driven up the value of the ‘picks and shovels’ companies, I believe they’ve yet to fully appreciate the immense opportunity the generative AI gold rush offers for tech giants and other long tail companies, which are like landowners sitting on top of valuable gold mines…

In the heart of summer, as gold hues the day
The tech giants and long-tails join the fray.
They’ve got the land, rich with unseen ore
AI, their pickaxe, revealing more and more.

Data, once hidden, now gleams bright
Unlocking proprietary treasures in the light.
Dropbox leads, like a summer’s dawn
With AI and Dash, a new era is drawn.

Cross-vertical search, a stream running wide
Value from variety, with AI as their guide.
OpenAI sets the market ablaze
An AI app store, in the summer’s haze.

And as sunsets color the evening sky
Content creation finds a new high.
Google and Vimeo, in the twilight’s gleam
Craft AI tools, to fulfill every dream.

Meta brings voice, like the summer’s song
In this gold rush, where we all belong.
In summer’s glory, this tale is told
Of long-tail companies, mining their gold.

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