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“…true source of a company’s growth: solutions for customers who have a human need… Companies that quantify these values and understand how they drive financial value are well positioned for bigger profits and help to create a better world.”

“New liabilities can emerge when businesses ignore the true costs of their actions.”

“…Typically, ‘mainstream’ analysts would not ask about the environment or employees, and some socially responsible investors do not ask deep questions about the financials…”

A new breed of investing that combines making more money and making a difference. First there were the “Profiteers,” investors who sought to make money regardless of the cost to society. Then came the “Do-Gooders,” investors who avoided “bad” companies and supported “good” ones, based on philosophy over financials. Now this book introduces a brand new breed of investor: The HIP Investor. Written for those who want to profit handsomely while also building a better world, it will help you discover companies that are boosting the bottom line by solving key human needs through innovative products and services-benefiting customers, engaging employees, and delivering sustainable, profitable growth for their investors. That’s the Human Impact + Profit, or HIP, approach.

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