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The Grand Productivity Scroll

Source: Microsoft Bing AI Image Creator

“The revolutionary heavy machine could clear the mine’s pathway as fast as ten men with muck sticks could.”

When Adam recounted his Grade 4 field trip to Britannia Mine Museum to me, I couldn’t help but think about Brian Chesky’s anticipation of a 30% AI-driven productivity gain at Airbnb. Just as the Industrial Revolution augmented and replaced physical human labor with machines, we are now beginning to see the augmentation and replacement of intellectual and creative human labor with generative AI.. As evidence of this, I wouldn’t have been able to create this poem, which captures the key insights in this research note, without the help of ChatGPT:

Machine’s might in the mine’s terrain, outpaces ten men’s strain
Adam Scott’s tale of the Britannia reign, a testament to progress’ chain.
From the echoes of steam and coal, springs forth the artificial soul
Pervading every industry’s role, in the grand productivity scroll.

Meta’s tools of AI, sharp and bright, crafting ads in the dark of night
Backgrounds born, texts rewritten, images cropped in perfect sight.
At Airbnb, Wendy’s as well, where silicon sentinels tell
Quicker responses, orders swell, in the rhythm of the algorithmic bell.

At Airbnb, efficiency aligned, developers with digital muses entwined
A thirty percent leap we find, in the productivity grind.
Roblox’s creators find elation, in AI-powered imagination
1-800-Flowers, with AI’s narration, adds a personalized touch to celebration.

Google’s search, Twitter’s line, glow with an AI shine
Even Musk seeks to divine, TruthGPT from the data vine.
In every sector, manifold, AI’s productivity gains unfold
A tale of progress, brave and bold, in the industrial revolution’s new mold.

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