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Book_TheAthenaDoctrine“In a highly interconnected and interdependent economy, masculine traits like aggression and control are considered less effective than the feminine values of collaboration and sharing credit.”

“…morality is strongly associated with loyalty, reason, empathy, and selflessness—all feminine traits.”

“…none of the most highly masculine traits (rugged, aggressive, dominant, brave, arrogant) were among the most valued when it comes to being either a great leader or a more moral or happy person.”

The Athena Doctrine shows why femininity is the operating system of 21st century prosperity…Brought to life through real world examples and backed by rigorous data,The Athena Doctrine shows how feminine traits are ascending—and bringing success to people and organizations around the world. By nurturing, listening, collaborating and sharing, women and men are solving problems, finding profits, and redefining success in every realm.

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