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The AI Spring

Source: Microsoft Bing AI Image Creator

When I first wrote about ChatGPT being A Shining Beacon in the Storm on December 6, in the dead of the economic winter, I never imagined that two months later I would end up writing this poem in a special research report on ChatGPT and then follow it up with ChatGPT’s Seeds of Disruption, ChatGPT Unlocks the Long Tail and Seeds of An AI Revolution. For it wasn’t just Jack (or me!) that discovered the immense worth of the magic beans as ChatGPT reached 100-million monthly active users only two months after its November 30 launch, becoming the fastest-growing consumer app in history. Whereas the physical-based beans in Jack and the Beanstalk faced the economics of scarcity, the AI magic beans benefit from the economics of abundance as it costs nothing to plant them, they can be planted instantly and their marginal cost is minimal.

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