Spark by Greg Scott, October 16, 2012 – As I said in my previous post, “I believe social media and marketing cannot coexist.” Therefore your organization must approach them with separate teams and tactics. The speed-of-social starts with culture.

This is the only path to effectively leveraging social platforms and also scaling the interactions:

  1. Conduct an employee assessment to determine the cultural gaps
  2. Be open and honest with the employees by presenting the results
  3. If you have gaps, spend an intensive number of hours (weeks or months) to close those gaps
  4. If you have few or narrow gaps, or have closed your gaps, share the results on your social pages with all stakeholders
  5. Leadership must start using social media, personally (NOT YOUR PR PEOPLE), and demonstrate leadership
  6. Start training your employees to use social media
  7. Continue sharing, supporting and training since social media is continuously evolving

Effectively, you will have created multiple points of contact inside your company, as all of your employees can generate leads, solve customer problems and identify new advocates and partners – at the speed-of-social. You are now in a much greater position to win the hearts and minds of your stakeholders and win your market. It is the only way.

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