Greg Scott – October 15, 2012 – I believe social media and marketing cannot coexist. Social media has grown so quickly because it is the most effective way to share information and connect with people of like-mind. On the other hand, marketing has evolved from the premise of controlling information and generating a perception of like-mind. That makes marketing on social media a highly risky endeavour. Corporate social risk can be virtually eliminated by changing expectations and tactics – don’t engage in marketing, build great cultures and just socialize.

The companies with great cultures that we love at Bradycap are more effective at communicating and sharing using social media and spend very little, if any, time “marketing” on social media. Companies where the culture runs deep can share at the-speed-of-social because they trust their employees. So, if you want your company to win in this new age of transparency, and trust, it needs to have an authentic core culture that resonates with the hearts and minds of every employee. Only then can a company begin to see real return from their social efforts.