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C&C Cartoon: Hiding behind your wall; Tablet-Friendly Version (Photo credit: CA Technologies)

The Solution Perspective

Greg Scott – February 28, 2013 – Most social media management solutions are geared towards companies that have average cultures. Therefore the solutions are built to centralize social media management while attempting to improve the humanity of the responses. The strategic significance of this is that most organizations then build their engagement strategy around these tools and the organization only becomes more centralized and automated. However, the most effective solution is an exceptional culture. In turn, your employees (real people) can help you scale social and will give your organization an authentic human voice with little reliance on complex management tools.

An organization cannot centralize and scale their social engagement efforts without sacrificing a personal relationship with their customers. For example there are many software solutions that identify the social media “influencers” in the sea of social chatter, thereby identifying the “right” person to talk to. Sounds great… however, responding to influencers might help the organization amplify their brand and give the appearance of engagement, but it is under the premise that they can ignore everybody else.

I am not saying don’t use tools, just don’t let them define your strategy. [highlight type=”light”]The best way to scale human engagement is with humans.[/highlight] Having a highly tuned open and agile culture with a clear purpose will act as a compass for how employees will engage on social mediums. There is no better solution to scaling your social engagement efforts than a great culture.

Two Paths to Scaling Social Engagement

Average Organizational Culture – Emphasis on centralizing your efforts and control the response. This effort constrains the potential of social engagement.

Exceptional Organizational Culture – Emphasis on decentralizing your efforts and empowering employee response. This effort empowers employees and give the organization the full leverage of social engagement. This organization will move in tandem with the greatest potential of the social era.

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