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Social Economy companies are emerging as the new alpha in this Social Era of transparency, connectedness, and stakeholder empowerment. We view the Social Economy as a pyramid comprised of an elite class of companies that operate on the following three tiers: Social Mission, Social Marketplace, and Social Sharing. And the higher a company moves up the Social Economy Pyramid, the faster the rate of value acceleration as they are able to achieve a higher level of disruption and access an increasing number of social value drivers (advocacy, connection, collaboration). The market for Social Economy companies is inefficient as the majority of investors have not yet factored these social value drivers into their analysis and valuation process.

  • The New Era of Economic Abundance Whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, investor, or an individual  interested in learning more about the emerging Sharing Economy, I think you will find these highlights from my new research report “The New Era of Economic Abundance” a value-added and insightful read…  By defying traditional economic principles of scarcity, the valuations of Airbnb and Uber have risen exponentially to $25.5 billion and $51 billion. Under our new laws of “Copianomics” (the science of choice under abundance, ... Read more
  • The Abundance Economy – Where the Long Tail Meets the Blue Ocean (Sept 2014) Executive Summary The massive global network of highly connected individuals created by Web 2.0 companies laid the foundation for the emergence of a diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem that enables people to transact beyond the depths of the corporate ocean: the new Abundance Economy. These companies are accessing not only “blue oceans” of market demand, but discovering new “long tails”, with no capital or time constraints, leading to an abundance of both demand and supply. The Abundance Economy ... Read more
  • Zillow: Disrupting the $75 Billion Realtor-Centric Machine (April 2014) We recommend Zillow Inc. (Z-NASDAQ) as a BUY with an initial target price of $120.00. Zillow offers investors a unique opportunity to take a stake in an early-stage online residential real estate marketplace company that is disrupting the $75 billion realtor-centric machine through its greater purpose to “lead a revolution in online real estate to empower consumers”. In less than a decade, Zillow has created a thriving ecosystem with significant scale and influence by generating ... Read more
  • The Fallacy of the Shareholder-­‐Centric Business Model (January 2014) Executive Summary Social Media is Creating a Revolutionary Force of Highly Connected and Empowered Stakeholders. Social media is empowering the former silent majority to: 1) influence, expose, and disseminate their views; and 2) self-organize and join forces on a common cause. Empowered Stakeholders Will Start Destroying Traditional Exploitive Economic Moats. The newly empowered base of consumers, employees, suppliers, citizens, and communities will soon start to take revenge and destroy the following traditional economic moats of companies that ... Read more
  • Retail Nirvana: The Keys to Capturing Customer, Employee, & Shareholder Value Keynote presentation at the 2013 Retail Executive Summit June 19, 2013 Speaker – Gary A. Williams, Founder & CEO, wRatings Corporation * With additional content provided by Barbara Gray, CFA, Equity Analyst, Brady Capital Research The level of differentiation from a product, experience, or service level in today’s retail environment can make the difference between success and failure. While innovation is important, the most successful retailers also have to execute better and understand more effectively their social ecosystem. ... Read more
  • Why Companies with a Greater Purpose Will Thrive in the New Social Era (April 2013) Executive Summary Social Media is Creating a Revolutionary Force of Highly Connected and Empowered Stakeholders. Social media is empowering the former silent majority to: 1) influence, expose, and disseminate their views; 2) self-organize and join forces on a common cause; and 3) create new communities to enable learning, collaboration, and co-creation. A Greater Purpose Leads to a Stronger Stakeholder Ecosystem. We visualize the stakeholder ecosystem of a company like the root system of a tree, comprised of: ... Read more
  • LinkedIn: Disrupting by the “Power of We” (May 2012) Executive Summary LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity for investors to take a stake in an early-stage, high growth professional social networking company with the potential to disrupt the $100 billion plus Business Relationship Management market. Our investment thesis on LinkedIn can be distilled into six simple words: “Disrupting By the “Power of We””. Through the “Power of We”, we believe LinkedIn has discovered the Holy Grail of Business Relationship Management: how to transform candidate pools, business ... Read more
  • Social Capital: A New Strategic Play for Investors (Nov 2011) Executive Summary We believe investor demand for heart and soul stocks will rise over the next decade as long-term strategic investors start to look for ways to play the appreciation of social capital and socially conscious investors start to look for companies with a greater purpose. We identify Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG-NYSE), lululemon (LULU-NASDAQ), Starbucks (SBUX-NASDAQ), and Whole Foods Market (WFM-NASDAQ) as companies with heart and soul as they each meet our following Four Cs criteria: ... Read more
  • Social Media: An Exposing Disruptive Force (Jan 2011) Executive Summary Social media empowers the consumer and is emerging as a disruptive force. Social media awareness and usage is growing rapidly, with now over half of consumers and Fortune 500 companies active on Facebook. As the power shifts from the company to the consumer, we believe customer relationships will be the new driver of firm value, with social media exposing the depth of a company’s customer relationships and accelerating the value creation/erosion process. We believe the greatest ... Read more

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