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  • Why There’s An ‘Airbnb’ for Just About Anything Originally published: Yahoo Finance – The Fiscal Times – By Marine Cole July 8, 2014 6:00 PM The success of Airbnb and Uber has unveiled dozens of startups hoping to cash in on the sharing economy, a.k.a. collaborative consumption. There’s now an Airbnb (and an Uber) for almost everything, as new startups are simply copying Airbnb’s or Uber’s formula while focusing on different products. Airbnb, which allows people from all over the world to rent their homes to travelers, has been valued ... Read more
  • Why Uber & Airbnb Sit Atop the ‘Social Economy Pyramid’ Originally posted in bostinno.streetwise.co · by Nate Boroyan – City News Writer 06/22/14 @4:58pm in City News As of June 22, Barbara Gray, an equity analyst and founder of Brady Capital Research, has seen her article, “Social Capital: The Secret behind Airbnb and Uber,” tweeted over 1.2 thousand times; garner 2.1 thousand Facebook “Likes;” and shared another 8.4 thousand times on LinkedIn. Gray’s article breaks down the “Social Economy Pyramid” (scroll down) and analyzes three levels of ... Read more
  • “GOOD INSIGHT INTO THE SOCIAL ECOSYSTEM” Originally Posted at Text Medic, May 25, 2014 “Customers, employees, and suppliers are empowered” through social media, said Barbara Gray, CFA, Equity Analyst and Founder of Brady Capital Research, (BCR) and this fosters the growth of firms that behave responsibly to them. Her company actively promotes investment in companies with “positive social capital.” Gray was the second panellist (of four) to address the topic “The Impact of Social Media on the Investment Process” at a CFA Toronto Society gathering held in the ... Read more
  • Social capital: A new company metric Barbara Gray, CFA – May 6, 2013 Excerpt from the Financial Post Barry Critchley – For about two decades, Barbara Gray was a sell side analyst/associate who covered a variety of sectors including industrial products, consumer discretionary and consumer staples. For the past three years the founder of Brady Capital Research has been trying to create a different way of evaluating companies, a way that focuses on a new form of equity called social capital. ... Read more
  • Barbara Gray’s path from income trusts to the rise of social capital The analyst sees an important new yardstick for investors JACQUELINE NELSON October 22, 2012 at 3:54 PM EDT Source: Globe and Mail After the great wave of Canadian income trusts broke in 2006, top-ranked analyst Barbara Gray began to shift her focus. Now she is back on the map with a new job, and a new investing philosophy she thinks could change the way market watchers view social media. After leaving Blackmont Capital Inc. in 2008, and then Odlum ... Read more
  • Intellectual Asset Management: Social capital By Barbara Gray, CFA – April 2, 2012 Source: IAM Magazine Excerpt: “Most investors are unaware that social media is ushering in a social capital revolution, and that this will change the underlying risk and growth profiles of companies Social media is leading to the creation of a new form of appreciating equity called social capital. This will accelerate the value creation/erosion process for companies. As a result, investors need to start looking beyond traditional quantitative ... Read more
  • Starfish Principles at Work By Barbara Gray, CFA – March 28, 2012 Source: The Beckstrom Starfish Report Brady Capital Research Barbara Gray started Brady Capital Research in January 2011 after more than 10 years in her successful career as a sell-side equity analyst. She had decided to take some time off to focus on her personal life and start a family. She named her company after her baby boy, Brady, who is the model in the image above. Here is Barbara’s story: I ... Read more
  • Barbara Gray details the social capital investment thesis Barry Critchley Nov 28, 2011 – 5:30 PM ET | Last Updated: Nov 29, 2011 10:59 AM ET Source: Financial Post Barbara Gray is one of two partners at Vancouver-based Brady Capital Research, a firm, named after her one-year-old son, dedicated to “innovative investment research for a new generation of investors.” The former all-star sell side analyst (her last job was with money manager Odlum Brown), has made social media and social capital the focus of ... Read more

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