Our Mission


To create an innovative qualitative-oriented investment research platform focused on Social Economy companies. Our ultimate goal is to build a community connecting investors with Social Economy companies and leading-edge business strategists and develop new ways for investors to look at and value this elite class of companies.

Integrity. We will stay true to our longer-term vision and never compromise our ethics for short-term gains.

Excellence. We will work hard to produce high-caliber, value-added equity research.

Passion. We will research and follow companies with “heart and soul” that we are passionate about so we can “do what we love in the service of people who love what we do”.

Innovative Thinking. We will engage in activities to keep us intellectually stimulated to allow us to continue to come up with fresh insights by bringing together unrelated ideas.

Investor Education. We will work to raise awareness and educate investors on the positive investment merits of “heart and soul” companies.

Community. We will build a highly engaged community around our “heart and soul” concept to bring together investors, leading-edge business strategists, and company management to encourage the sharing of ideas.

Balance. We will manage our time and energy effectively to maximize our research productivity to allow us time to re-charge and spend quality time with our families.