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“With digitization, content has become independent from specific physical delivery formats.”

“All industry incumbents fear cannibalizing their existing revenues through new revenue model innovations. Delaying innovation in order to protect current revenue streams is simply capitulation to the faster-moving competition.”

“It is one thing to see Roger Federer wearing an expensive watch in a GQ ad. It is entirely different to see him wearing Nike tennis shoes on the grass courts of Wimbledon while facing off against Rafael Nadal.”

It used to be only dotcom start-ups lacked workable business models. But now the ubiquity of cheap communications and computing is deeply wounding business models across the board. Combined with rapidly changing customer expectations, the rules for how value is delivered, and what, when, and how much customers will pay are in flux…The most important strategy now is wringing new income streams from existing assets, physical and digital, by exploiting new segments, new uses and new value additions.

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