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Joinin’ the Fight

Source: Microsoft Bing AI Image Creator

Yo, listen up, in the tech world so vast, Amazon, Booking, Twitter, they movin’ fast
Harnessin’ AI, it’s the future, no doubt, These giants of the game, they’re bringin’ it out.

Amazon and Hugging Face, they teamin’ up, AWS Generative AI, they ain’t givin’ up
Expedia, Bookin’, with the ChatGPT, Travel guide chatbot, they’re changin’ the scene.

Elon Musk in the game, he got a plan, Unlockin’ Twitter’s data, he’s the man
Mergin’ Twitter with X Corp, ain’t no stoppin’ him, 10,000 GPUs, he ain’t droppin’ them.

Meta Platforms, Alphabet, they ain’t playin’ around, Innovatin’ and investin’, they ain’t backin’ down
Alibaba and Huawei, joinin’ the fight, The AI search wars takin’ flight.

AI revolution, it’s a world transformed, Tech giants racin’, in a battle that’s stormed
ChatGPT and rivals, they takin’ the stage, In the age of machines, it’s a brand new age.

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