The Book

“Markets are pitiless. They reward whatever creates value and ignore or punish whatever does not.”

“The hard assets of a knowledge company contribute far less to the value of its ultimate product (or service) than the intangible assets – the talents of its people, the efficacy of its management systems, the character of its relationships to its customers – that together are its intellectual capital.”

“Human, structural, and customer capital work together. It’s not enough to invest in people, systems, and customers separately. They can support one another; they can detract from one another.”

Thomas A. Stewart demonstrates how knowledge–not natural resources, machinery, or financial capital–has become the most important factor in economic life. Through practical advice, stories, and case histories, Stewart reveals how organizations and individuals can create and use the knowledge assets they need. Dazzling in its ability to make conceptual sense of the economic revolution we are living through, this ingenious book cuts through the vague rhetoric of “paradigm shifts” to show how the Information Age economy really works.

The Author