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Book_FlatArmy“If the C-Suite is looking for ROI, leaders need not prove it by return on investment, but by return on intelligence, by return on innovation and by return on ideas.”

“We are a version of organizational learned helplessness. Maybe organizations simply are tools. Maybe they’re simply about making money or providing service or making products in the most efficient manner without regard for its people. Maybe there is no chance for humanity in the organization.”

“Many for-profit organizations—but not all—are an economic orthodoxy of control, power and profit. People are secondary. The workers actually take away from the profit of the organization itself.”

Arms you with powerful tools for overcoming resistance to change and creating a culture of collaboration, engagement, and employee empowerment. Your people are your most valuable asset, and if you want them to excel (and your profits to soar), you’ll need to abandon your traditional command-and-control management style and adopt a collaborative, open leadership approach—one that engages and empowers your people.

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