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“I realized that I was under no obligation to frame business “success” solely in financial terms, and that it might be useful to explore the connections among values, character, social responsibility and the bottom line.”

“strong argument to be made that companies driven by strong values will endure and prevail.”

“a willingness to think about the long term sets exemplary companies apart from those that conduct their business with an eye on the day’s closing stock price.”

Faith and Fortune argues that an exciting new model of conducting business is taking hold, not only in small, socially responsible companies like Ben & Jerry’s but inside such bulwarks of the Fortune 500 as Ford, Citigroup, and DuPont. Bit by bit, almost imperceptibly, this new model is replacing a century-old approach that was rooted in the industrial era and looked at business as a series of discrete, win-lose transactions: Executives tried to pay their workers and suppliers as little as possible, charge their customers as much as they could, and maximize their short-term profits. Today, by contrast, forward-thinking executives build their businesses by developing a network of long-lasting, win-win relationships. Great companies serve their workers, customers, shareholders, and the common good.

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