Greg Scott – July 13, 2012 – What a bold move and Spark of insight. I will be following. I believe this is the only way to learn the language of Digital Natives. One must be immersed in social media to truly understand the ramifications on their business models and strategies. I tried the soft approach with a great little company, but it didn’t work. Even training alone isn’t enough. They need to have permission, a mandate, to learn. It is hard to change an employee’s mindset when they are busy trying to be successful. It is difficult to see the immediate value of social on their job without experiencing it.

It would be interesting hear what their next steps will be after the employees have completed the first set of tasks. I would hope they move beyond gaming their Klout score and actually start engaging with each other, their customers and other stakeholders. Authenticity will win in the long-run.

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