CVI 200

Customer Value Index 200

White-Paper-CVI200-mediumOn November 15, 2012, Brady Capital Research (, along with The Porter Group and wRatings Corporation (, launched the Customer Value Index 200 ( The CVI 200 is a research-based analysis that provides investors with exposure to the top 10% of North American-listed companies with a market capitalization over $1 billion that score the highest in terms of competitive strength, social attributes, and authentic core values. This innovative index offers investors an opportunity to capture the value offered by companies that have historically delivered high quality economic profits and developed deeply emotional customer relationships based on cultures of transparency, authenticity, and engagement. By combining a patented approach to identifying companies with superior competitive positions and harnessing the power of social media the CVI200 offers a play on the appreciating value of “social capital” over the next decade and the real value creating powers of strong core values, dynamic corporate cultures, and stakeholder community focus.

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