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“Don’t look for big ideas. Seek small ideas that can grow. Fail fast. Fail often. Keep learning and never give up.”

“Starbucks was creating a new category of social life and, in the process, created a Culturematic from which a great torrent of value would pour…”

“Innovations, especially the radical ones, are at odds with the corporate culture and therefore hard to reckon with.”

A Culturematic is a little machine for making culture. It’s an ingenuity engine. Once wound up and released, the Culturematic acts as a probe into the often-alien world of contemporary culture, to test the atmosphere, to see what life it can sustain, to see who responds and how. Culturematics start small but can scale up ferociously, bootstrapping themselves as they go…This is evolutionary strategy, iterative innovation, and rapid prototyping all at once…They are the perfect antidote to a world where we cannot guess what’s coming next.

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