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ChatGPT’s Seeds of Disruption

Source: OpenAI’s DALL-E

“Until now, artificial intelligence could read and write, but could not understand the content…This will change our world.” – Bill Gates, Founder, Microsoft, February 10

OpenAI was just like “hope you are cool redoing your entire 2023 plan in February” to every business in the world.”tweet by Aaron Levie, CEO, Box, February 8

ChatGPT’s magic beans are sowing the seeds of disruption across the entire corporate ecosystem as evidenced by these comments by Bill Gates and Aaron Levie. To gain insight into the potential opportunities and threats from ChatGPT, I have created a strategic disruption canvas modeled after the Ubernomics framework I developed back in the summer of 2016. As many of you will remember, this laid the foundation for my inaugural January 2017 research report, Where Do the Ubernomics Fault Lines Lie in Your Portfolio?: An Assessment of Structural Risk.

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