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Source: Microsoft Bing AI Image Creator

Since I published my special May 2 research report, AI ALERT: A New Dawn for the Tech Giants, all the tech giants have seen strong gains, ranging from 9% for Microsoft to 24% for Amazon, vastly outperforming the 4% gain in the S&P 500. Although my proposal that we needed to re-think our investment thesis on each of the tech giants to imagine how they will operate in the new world of generative AI seemed a bit radical at the time, it seems to be the new mantra…

In the dawning light of AI’s reign
Tech giants rise, no more the same.

Once radical, now the call
Generative AI, the mantra of all.
Voice chat, Bing, now sets the stage
For the future tech giants to engage.

From Siri, Alexa, to Google’s hand
Across their platforms, value expands.
MusicGen and speech models gleam
In Meta’s quest to realize the dream.

Microsoft and OpenAI, hand in hand
GPT-4 across the government’s land.
LinkedIn tools, in AI’s dress
Yet Google Cloud may impress.

Mayo Clinic, Salesforce too
AI partnerships, old made new.
Apple’s quiet, yet changes brew
Cross-app functionality, something new.

Tech giants stride across the plain
In the gold rush of the AI domain.
Ask ChatGPT, the word to summarize
The term that aptly does arise: BONANZA!

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