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“…if we want that bonus, that promotion, that raise, or that corner office, then what really counts is seeking Ricardian profit through Fordist work in Sloanite organizations that sell Marshallian products to be mutely consumed.”

“Betterness isn’t merely social enterprise, impact investing, or socially responsible business…It’s not about sustainability reports, corporate governance audits, or statements of ethics.”

“…though they might have been built to last, built for greatness, or built to innovate, they weren’t built for greatness.”

Business writer and thinker Umair Haque minces no words when he declares, “The corporation as you know it is obsolete.” Betterness argues that we’re entering a new era. Say goodbye to the industrial-age business mentality which seeks financial returns for shareholders above all else…such a pursuit also leads to the destruction of “higher-order wealth”–the social, intellectual, and emotional capital that fulfills our lives. Consumers are beginning to demand things that make them feel relationally, spiritually, physically, and creatively fulfilled. The business of “betterness” inspires an authentically good life, elevates and enlightens us, and increases our human potential.

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