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The Landowners

While investors have already driven up the value of the ‘picks and shovels’ companies, I believe they’ve yet to fully appreciate the immense opportunity the generative AI gold rush offers for tech giants and other long tail companies, which are… Read More »The Landowners


Since I published my special May 2 research report, AI ALERT: A New Dawn for the Tech Giants, all the tech giants have seen strong gains, ranging from 9% for Microsoft to 24% for Amazon, vastly outperforming the 4% gain… Read More »BONANZA!

A New Era

As I watched Tim Cook declare we are witnessing a new era of spatial computing as he unveiled the new Apple Vision Pro, I remembered how Steve Job’s unveiling of the first iPhone in 2007 marked the beginning of the… Read More »A New Era


Here’s the story of the AI rushLike the gold rush of yoreWith a cast of characters, diverse and vastAnd opportunities galore.From the picks and shovels of NVIDIA’s makingTo the Long Tail’s golden hoardThere’s a wealth of gold in the data… Read More »GOLD!

A Luddite’s Tale

In days of old, when gears were bold, and Luddites roamed the landA tale anew, of struggles true, now echoes through the sand. Creative minds, their rights confined, struck a defiant blowAs Hollywood, with hearts of wood, faced AI’s ebb… Read More »A Luddite’s Tale

Copyright Crossroads

In a digital world, we collide and createUniversal claims and AI debatesHeart On My Sleeve, a viral sensationBut copyright claims lead to frustration. Deepfakes take the stage, controversy ignitesTom Brady and Schumacher, they stand up and fightElon strikes back, data… Read More »Copyright Crossroads

Joinin’ the Fight

Yo, listen up, in the tech world so vast, Amazon, Booking, Twitter, they movin’ fastHarnessin’ AI, it’s the future, no doubt, These giants of the game, they’re bringin’ it out. Amazon and Hugging Face, they teamin’ up, AWS Generative AI,… Read More »Joinin’ the Fight

The AI Spring

When I first wrote about ChatGPT being A Shining Beacon in the Storm on December 6, in the dead of the economic winter, I never imagined that two months later I would end up writing this poem in a special… Read More »The AI Spring

90th Percentile

“That looks too high” I thought to myself as I looked over the income tax line item on the financials for Brady Capital Research Inc. that my accountant had just sent over. I was trying to figure out what to… Read More »90th Percentile


“Unimaginable”. This is the word Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s co-founder & President, selected to complete the sentence: “A world powered by AI in 2050 will be…” during his interview at SXSW 2023. Unimaginable is also that word that perfectly captures the… Read More »Unimaginable

Economics of AI

“How many piano tuners are there in New York City?” When I read with shock how ChatGPT was able to pass the U.S. Medical Licensing exam, a Wharton MBA course exam and a University of Minnesota law school graduate exam,… Read More »Economics of AI

A Hurricane’s Might

In the spirit of Microsoft deepening its investment in OpenAI, I created this poem in collaboration with ChatGPT:Tech giants stood tall, like mighty oaksBut economic winds, they did provokeA tempest fierce, a hurricane’s mightBrought job cuts, a dire and frightening… Read More »A Hurricane’s Might

Bye-Bye Eye

I smiled as I looked back at my boys beaming with excitement in the backseat of the brand new Model Y we were taking out for a test drive. Although I love my Lexus SUV, we’ve put over 220,000 km… Read More »Bye-Bye Eye