The Mission

Our Mission – To guide companies on how to unlock hidden value through Ubernomics – the Rise of Agile Capitalism.

Our Core Values

Integrity. We will maintain our integrity and never compromise our ethics for short-term gains.
Excellence. We will create high-caliber, value-added research and work.
Passion. We “do what we love in the service of people who love what we do”.
Innovative Thinking. We will engage in activities to keep us intellectually stimulated to allow us to continue to come up with fresh insights by bringing together unrelated ideas.
Education. We will share our knowledge and expertise to educate our community on how companies can unlock hidden value through Ubernomics.
Community. We will build a highly engaged community around our Ubernomics concept to bring together leading-edge business strategists and company management to encourage the sharing of ideas and exchange of knowledge.
Balance. We will manage our time and energy effectively to maximize our research productivity to allow us time to re-charge and spend quality time with our families.

The Partners

Barbara Gray, CFA – Equity Analyst & Strategy Consultant

Barbara is a creative strategic thinker with a passion for reading business books and developing new ways for investors to look at and value companies. Barbara has over fifteen years of sell-side equity research experience in a wide variety of sectors (consumer products, industrials, natural resources) and ranked as an All-Star Analyst for four consecutive years. She achieved her CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation in 1997.

Greg Scott – Culture Collaborator

Greg is an entrepreneur with a passion for analyzing, strategizing, and innovating about recruiting and company culture. In 1996, he founded Vision2Hire, one of the first online recruiting and applicant tracking systems. In 2006, he co-founded Jiibe Solutions Inc., an innovative user-generated online service with the mission of helping people find a better place to work. For the past three years, Greg has immersed himself in the world of Web 2.0 and social media.

We are looking to connect with professionals to share and discuss our social capital investment thesis. Please contact us via LinkedIn or at if you would like to receive a copy of our latest research report.

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