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Barbara Gray, CFA, Founder

Barbara is a former top-ranked sell-side Equity Analyst and the Founder of Brady Capital Research Inc., a leading-edge investment research firm focused on technological, societal and economic disruption.

Barbara ranked as an All-Star Analyst for four consecutive years, achieving top-three standing each year in the Business Trust Sector in the Brendan Wood annual institutional survey. Barbara’s analytical prowess is built on a rich foundation of over fifteen years in sell-side equity research across both Canada and the US, encompassing a diverse range of sectors. This multi-dimensional perspective is her secret weapon: a panoramic view that’s invaluable in today’s fragmented AI landscape.

Beyond numbers, Barbara’s written narrative unfolds across ten critically acclaimed books, including recent insights into technological paradigm shifts like The New Cyber Decade and Secrets of the Amazon. Her works have not just predicted disruptions but illuminated pathways for organizations to navigate and thrive amidst them.

But what truly sets Barbara apart? It’s her unwavering belief that the past informs the future. Drawing upon her vast sectoral coverage—from North American consumer trends to industrial products and energy landscapes—she translates historical data into future opportunities. It’s this rare blend of retrospective analysis and forward-thinking strategy that makes Barbara an indispensable guide for companies aiming to unlock unparalleled value through AI.

Barbara has a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of British Columbia (1993) and earned her CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation in 1997.