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Wow! Meta Platforms’ new Twitter-clone, Threads, has reached 30 million users since it was launched only yesterday! But in the age of generative AI, it is even more important that we remember the old saying: “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.”

In the digital realm where gold mines gleam, Flicker the shadows of an AI dream. 
OpenAI, once a mine so bright, Now walks through a minefield, day and night.
Authors cry foul, lawsuits rain, Echoes of loss, and personal pain. 
Browse with Bing, a feature scorned, By paywall cracks, it’s deeply mourned.

Musk guards his Twitter treasure hoard, From claim jumpers, with swift accord. 
Limits access, view counts wane, For Twitter’s gold must still remain.
Meta Platforms readies its spade, Threads they name this bold new trade. 
Yet another gold mine’s rising sun, In the endless digital run.

Google scribes a privacy tale, Scraping posts, leaving a trail. 
To train its models, data they pry, The digital gold that multiplies.
A product, they say, if not the payer, In this age of generative layer. 
AI’s gold rush, in this vast land, The user is the gold, the data so grand.

Note: I created this poem in collaboration with ChatGPT based on insights from the 7-page research note I published on July 5 for my institutional investment and corporate clients. I created the image using Midjourney.

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