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A Shining Beacon in the Storm

Source: Adobe Stock

In this book, the red flag is raised
on Amazon, and its final stage
As the Fed raises rates
To cool down inflation and its rage.
The eye of the storm approaches
Bringing new winds of disruption and loss
Creating demand destruction
In ad tech, e-commerce, and enterprise tech, at a cost.
The pandemic has caused a tech giant tsunami
Crashing down just before Halloween
Spending decelerates, and the dots are harder to connect
We’re living in a surreal world, without a doubt, and it’s obscene.
But the author is not alone,
The founder of Amazon warns
It’s time to batten down the hatches
And prepare for the storm, with no horns.

I wish I could take credit for this poem but it was actually composed in under 10 seconds by OpenAI’s new ChatGPT conversational chatbot based on the back cover of my upcoming book, “INTO THE EYE OF THE STORM: Navigating the New Economic, Technological & Societal Winds”. My boys are quite excited about ChatGPT too — currently Brady is using it to write a screenplay called Romeow and Purrliet — a parody of Romeo and Juliet where they are both cats. And Adam asked it to compose a rap on the circulatory system, which he has been researching in his Grade 4 class. And my husband, who is coaching Brady’s basketball team, asked it to create a 1-hour basketball practice plan for 11-year-old boys. Although ChatGPT is unlikely to fully replace Google, I’m thinking it could disrupt how we search for information, generate content and come up with ideas while subconsciously raising our mindset and expectations and meet needs and desires we didn’t even know we had.

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