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A Second Napster Moment

Source: OpenAI’s DALL-E

Yo, Universal Music Group got a word to say
Protectin’ artists’ rights, they ain’t playin’ today.
But then “Heart On My Sleeve” came and shook the game
Drake and The Weeknd, AI stole their fame.

Now things gettin’ slippery, kids, it’s true
Joe Rogan knows, he’s been through it too.
An AI podcast, soundin’ so real
We forgettin’ it’s fake, what’s the deal?

This might be the second Napster moment
Copyrights and ethics got us thinkin’ potent.
Generatin’ content, it’s a brand new age
But we gotta protect creators, let ‘em take the stage.

Napster changed the game, brought a new frontier
iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music appeared.
Now generative AI takin’ its turn
Unlockin’ value, it’s a fire that burns.

Adobe and NVIDIA, they’re in the scene
AI image generator, creativity’s dream.
UMG might follow, embrace the AI
Partnerin’ up, unleashin’ the sky.

In the age of AI, we gotta be aware
Protectin’ artists’ rights, it’s only fair.
Generative content bringin’ a new day,
But let’s find the balance, let the music play.

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