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A Luddite’s Tale

Source: Microsoft Bing AI Image Creator

In days of old, when gears were bold, and Luddites roamed the land
A tale anew, of struggles true, now echoes through the sand.

Creative minds, their rights confined, struck a defiant blow
As Hollywood, with hearts of wood, faced AI’s ebb and flow.
Professionals they called, with knowledge tall, now fear the ChatGPT’s might
For lawyers, doctors, negotiators, HR, all shudder at its sight.

But risks we fear, as AI draws near, a Godfather’s warning chimes
Regulations stir, the lines they blur, in these uncertain times.
A Luddite’s tale, now old and frail, yet whispers to us still
Embrace the change, but rearrange, with wisdom, strength, and will.

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