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90th Percentile

Source: OpenAI’s DALL-E

“That looks too high” I thought to myself as I looked over the income tax line item on the financials for Brady Capital Research Inc. that my accountant had just sent over. I was trying to figure out what to do when I recalled that during last week’s livestream launch of GPT-4, Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s Co-founder & President, showcased how you can use ChatGPT to solve a complex tax question. It took less than a minute consulting with ChatGPT to confirm my doubts. And so armed with this knowledge, I called my accountant and it turns out he had misclassified my capital gains…

It’s shocking how quickly generative AI is advancing as ChatGPT just scored in the 90th percentile for the uniform bar exam, up from the 10thpercentile performance for GPT-3. I don’t think ChatGPT has taken the CFA exams yet but I’m guessing it would score similarly high. What’s truly fascinating to me is how ChatGPT is not just an expert in accounting or law, but in every single knowledge profession, so its multi-disciplinary powers will be mind-blowing. And it’s overwhelming to think about how the way we work will be abruptly transformed overnight when Microsoft and Google integrate AI into their apps – writing documents, analyzing data, creating presentations and e-mailing will never be the same.

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