UBERNOMICS – The Next Generation of Business Strategy – Launching Summer 2016

This book explores how the new social value drivers of advocacy, connection, and collaboration are the keys to empower companies to unlock the hidden value in their corporate ecosystem. The confluence of structural shifts in technology, the economy, and society has led to the democratization of physical and human capital. This has given rise to a radical new form of collaborative commerce known as the Sharing/On-Demand Economy. As evidenced by the accelerated value creation of companies like Airbnb and Uber, Ubernomics is a powerful new business model. For Ubernomics enables companies to defy traditional economic principles of scarcity by building a long tail of supply without existing time or capital constraints and a blue ocean of demand that enables them to expand their Total Addressable Market (TAM) beyond traditional categories and meet the escalating needs and desires of the emerging Uberized Consumer. And Ubernomics is no longer the domain of just start-ups, as forward-looking companies such as Amazon, Expedia, Ford, GM, Hyatt, and LinkedIn are starting to embrace this next generation of business strategy.

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