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Brady Capital Research is a leading-edge investment research firm focused on structural disruption. Our qualitative-based research enables investors to gain unique investment insights into the latest structural disruption developments to take advantage of emerging investment opportunities and avoid value traps.

Value Proposition

  • Independent: Pure unbiased research
  • Differentiated: Dynamic, thought-provoking and forward-looking qualitative research
  • Exclusive Access: Research is exclusively available to our select base of institutional investment clients

Research Methodology

Proprietary Value Pyramid Strategic Framework

The acceleration in structural disruption is creating an increasingly VUCA environment, leading to the blurring and decimation of industry boundaries and impacting the risk/growth profile of companies. Instead of analyzing companies in silos through a rear-view mirror, we piece together emerging structural disruption trends across industries, using our proprietary Value Pyramid strategic framework to identify new variables and angles to help investors better look at and value companies. The Value Pyramid illustrates how the value equation is changing for companies. The three sides of the Value Pyramid are:

  • Customer Capital (Value origination through customer value proposition): In the age of Amazon, companies can no longer compete on a FUNCTIONAL customer value proposition basis (i.e., price, convenience, variety of choice), so they need to create EMOTIONAL connections and PSYCHOLOGICAL attachments with their customers.
  • Structural Capital (Value capture through capital investments): Companies that operate on only the PHYSICAL layer need to invest in moving up to the DIGITAL and AI (artificial intelligence) layers.
  • Economic Capital (Value extraction through the economic system): Although most companies operate in the traditional CORPORATE ECONOMY, we are seeing the rise of a new class of disruptors that operate in the PLATFORM ECONOMY, which are ideally positioned to advance in the future to the emerging CRYPTO-ECONOMY.

Research Product

  • Weekly Research Note: 3-6 page research note providing key investment highlights and investment insights from the latest structural disruption developments.
  • Quarterly Research Report: 50-page+ research report providing actionable investment ideas on a wide range of sub-industries and companies and insights into emerging structural disruption themes
  • Special Report: 10-15 page company-specific research report exploring emerging risks/opportunities
  • Quarterly Meetings: 1-hour in-person meetings providing an opportunity to discuss and explore the latest disruptive themes