Investment Thesis

The new era of Economic Abundance will lead to a radical transformation of the corporate landscape over the next decade. Abundance Economy companies like Airbnb and Uber are able to achieve accelerated rates of value creation as under the new laws of “Copianomics” (defined as the science of choice under abundance), the following economic forces act as growth catalysts:

  • Long Tail of Supply – inventory growth is not constrained by traditional time or capital constraints as the companies are accessing a “long tail” of latent/under-utilized assets, goods, and services
  • Blue Ocean of Demand – revenue growth is not constrained by existing demand constraints as the companies are accessing new “blue ocean” market demand, expanding their Total Addressable Market (TAM) beyond traditional categories

The increasing democratization of assets, goods, and services created by Abundance Economy companies will start to threaten the core activities and core assets of a wide range of industries with obsolescence, leading to significant value erosion of companies still operating in the traditional era of Scarcity.

We believe companies need to be start looking at how Abundance Economy companies could pose a disruptive threat to their industry and weaken their competitive position/economic moats. This will enable them to identify innovative ways to improve their risk/reward profile by capitalizing on the opportunities created by the Abundance Economy in terms of lowering their cost structure, leveraging their existing physical and human capital, and even exploring potential strategic opportunities to become part of the ecosystem itself.

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