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About Us

Brady Capital Research Inc. is a leading-edge qualitative-based investment research firm differentiated by its:

  • Focus on Disruption: We focus on research for the disruptive era by analyzing the convergence of emerging technological, societal, and economic disruptive forces.
  • Proprietary Framework: Our proprietary Value Pyramid provides us with a unique framework to navigate the changes in how companies originate, capture and extract value.
  • Passion: Our research is driven by our passion for coming up with new ways for investors to look at and value companies and new ways for companies to unlock value.

Value Proposition

Unbiased Expertise: We offer pure unbiased research:

Barbara Gray is leading the way in disrupting the analytical community by actually reporting events — both positive and negative — and their implications. She never hesitates or softens her disdain for those companies who are failing to understand the violence of the changes occurring. If she makes no friends among those companies that fail to adapt to the new realities, she should be making many friends among investors, both private and institutional, whose success depends on better insights into the rapidly changing environment. — C. Ross Healy, Chairman, Strategic Analysis Corporation

Barbara reminds me of storm chasers who model and predict where the tornado is going to fall next. Although trained as a sharp financial analyst, Barbara masterfully intertwines her unique macro observations on human behaviour (or as she calls it Emotional Capital) and its impact at the micro level within a company or sector. If you pay attention, you may even be able to avoid the proverbial tornado. — Deepak Chopra, Former CEO, Canada Post Corporation

Innovative & Insightful: We offer dynamic, thought-provoking and forward-looking qualitative research:

Barbara is uniquely gifted in distilling complicated, fast-changing business dynamics into an investment framework that can provide much-welcomed clarity and insight. — Gregg M. Schoenberg, Founder, Wescott Capital & Co-Founder, The Financial Revolutionist

Disruptive innovation remains a powerful force upending the status quo everywhere from Main Street to Wall Street. Barbara knows the roadmap between those two waypoints extremely well and always finds the shortest, most efficient distance between them. — Nicolas Colas, Co-Founder, DataTrek Research

Barbara constantly explores disruption and the possibilities of where financial markets want or could go. Her works are essential reading, if you mentally want to “understand and stay a step ahead of the market”. — J. Lorne Braithwaite, Founder, Cambridge Shopping Centers Ltd. (Ivanhoe Cambridge)

We live in a time of significant transformational change within and across industries as technological advancement, coupled with changes in societal values and norms, creates huge winners and losers in the marketplace. In many cases we know what is happening but we lack a roadmap to tell us why it is happening. Fortunately Barbara Gray has done some incredibly thoughtful work to consider the root causes of these changes. — Paul Taylor, Former Chief Investment Officer, BMO Harris Investment Management Inc.

Exclusive Access

Our research is exclusively available to our select base of institutional and corporate investment clients. This includes the majority of top Canadian institutional investment firms, a large Canadian crown corporation, high-net-worth individual investors and family offices. Our research is available on an annual subscription basis.

Weekly Research Notes: Publish a 5-10 page weekly research note that highlights key investment insights and analysis of the latest technological, societal and economic disruptive developments.

Quarterly Research Reports: Publish a 50-page quarterly research report that highlights key investment recommendations and in-depth exploration of emerging disruptive themes.

Quarterly Boardroom Visits: In-person meetings once a quarter to discuss insights from quarterly research report. Special Research Report: Publish special 2-35 page research reports on emerging key disruptive developments.

Special Online Meetings: Host special Zoom meetings. Book: Publish a book every 8 months that brings together our body of research.